Holi Celebration at MIS

Holi is the most famous festival of colors. It is celebrated every year in the month of March. Students at Manchester celebrated Holi with great joy and enthusiasm showing the feeling of friendship and care with their fellow mates. Powdered bright pigments of colors were thrown and rubbed among friends as they came together in the afternoon to celebrate the festival.

The celebration was given an Eco friendly and peaceful touch with the use of herbal and non toxic colors. It was a marvelous and an elating experience for everyone who participated in the feast for the spirit and the essence. The main concept and theme for everyone's was to play a safe and environment friendly Holi and say no to toxic colors which are injurious to skin and the overall health of an individual.

The festival was filled with so much fun that it brought a smile to everyone’s face while they left the school in the evening. Holi day was the perfect reminder of all the benefits to study in an international school because of the close bond and friendship that it brings between students, teachers and classmates.